Classic Valve Design
Our 845 amplifier was created out of the need of a client who wanted the ultimate in single tube S.E.T. performance.

We began the journey with totally custom Edcor output iron to suit the 845's needs for best performance. Next, we developed a driver cabable of swinging far more than adequate drive voltage for lowest possible distorion. We coupled this to a distortion reduction circuit topology that does not use global negative feedback.

The result was 22 watts per channel of pure single ended glory.

The tube lineup of 5R4WGB, 2 x 845, 2 x 6SN7GT and 2 x 6SL7GT means you won't have to dig for expensive or exotic tubes (all our amplifiers come with an initial set) and driver 'rolling' is easy.

The cabinet was created by the client to match his system.

Custom built only. Our 845 amplifiers come with balanced and unbalanced line inputs as standard, cathode fusing for OPT protection and a 2 year limited warranty for $3,900 USD.

Sorry, we don't ship these as they exceed Canada Post weight restrictions.

This amplifier is now only available with the Hammond power transformer.

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