Classic Valve Design
Pronounced ah-ME, this is one of our low powered, intimate amplifier models. The Amê uses the incredibly linear and high transconductance 12BY7A in single ended pentode mode (yes, pentode mode) and delivers a peak of 1.5W per channel.

So, just what can you do with one watt? Given most audiophiles have speakers that are 96dBW/1M efficient, quite a bit. It is the same power as the venerable 45.

The design uses zero global NFB, only local feedback is used. This retains the "speed" of the amplifier and all the clarity and detail while at the same time raising damping factor to give good bass on our multimedia 2-way speakers they were developed on.

One of our very happy customers has a page on this amp.

Model shown uses teak side caps (no longer obtainable).

These are production units. $800 USD (please specify with or without volume control)

We cannot ship these to Europe or RoHS compliant countries (lead based solder joints).

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