Classic Valve Design
Corvus Phono Preamplifier

Corvus was developed to fill the need for a more affordable phono preamplifier while still maintaining a pure vacuum tube signal path.

Based on the 6922 with a time proven phono circuit licensed from Parks Audio LLC, there are no opamps or transistors in the signal path to boost gain. Therefore this preamp has slightly less gain (85 @ 1KHz, 3-tube average) than most phono stages and is dedicated to moving magnet input (moving coil can be used with a step-up transformer).

External power transformer for low noise. High voltage power is obtained using a multiplier with superior rated components for maximum effectiveness. We aren't running tubes at 12V here... the 6922 sees more than enough voltage and current to take advantage of the high transconductance of this tube.

A 40-second turn-on delay mute for greatly reducing the turn-on "thump" that can happen when powering up/down equipment out of proper sequence.

For use with 6922/6DJ8/ECC88/E88CC tubes ONLY! NOT to be used with types 6N1P or 6H23P. Use of these will void the product warranty.

Custom built only. Comes with two matched and matched-section Electroharmonix 6922 for $550 USD.

(Image © Karl Motz)

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