Classic Valve Design
Libra Preamplifier

Simplicity and elegant circuitry, the Libra line stage doesn't get in the way of your sound.

Based on the 6CW5/EL36 or Russian 6P43P-E tube tied in triode mode, the gain and sonics resemble that of the extremely rare 12B4.

Shielded toroidal power transformers for low noise and dual volume controls for versatility, the Libra sports a four input line selector and an output impedance able to drive even the more demading solid state power amplifiers.

A 40-second turn-on delay mute for greatly reducing the turn-on "thump" that can happen when powering up/down equipment out of proper sequence.

A mute switch is included to temporarily silence the output while changing sources, or for other distractions to your listening pleasure, like telephones ringing.

Custom built only. Pre with 2 year limited warranty for $790 USD. Upgraded version with military-spec volume controls for $900 USD.

(Image © Karl Motz,

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