Classic Valve Design
MooseFET MK-IIe Preamplifier

Based on our original, successful MooseFET line stage preamplifier, the MK-II delivers the same clean MOSFET in high class-A bias sound with the classic warmth of yesteryears bipolars run at 50 volts.

The "e" stands for extensible. The basic line stage includes four unbalanced inputs, dual outputs, an adapter loop for adding an external device, like a DSP or EQ. Dual volume controls and a manual MUTE switch to despense with the requirement of turning your system off for swapping components and a toroidal, regulated power supply with turn-on delay to prevent damage if the amp/preamp is powered out of sequence.

Other options include adding a phono stage (our proven Europa design), up to six inputs, Bluetooth connectivity (top model shown in picture has these three) and headphone amplifier.

We cannot ship these to Europe or RoHS compliant countries (lead based solder joints).


Basic Linestage: $500 USD.

Add Phono Stage: $225 USD.

Add Bluetooth Connectivity: $125 USD.

Add Headphone Amplifier: $250 USD.

Six Position Input: $75 USD
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