Classic Valve Design

For the longest time, we didn't offer a 300B S.E.T. After much R & D, we created one that fits with our design and sonic philosophy.

Tight bass, neutral mids and clear highs are what the Procyon delivers. This is all accomplished with zero gNFB.

The oversized Edcor output transformers gives this amplifier 10Hz capabilities. Unique AIST technology allows the output tubes to be driven effortlessly by the 6SL7 driver.

Rectifiers may be "rolled" and chosen to be either GZ34/5AR4, 5U4/5Z3P or 5R4.

Custom built only. Comes standard with EH Gold Grid 300B matched pair, matched sections Sovtek 6SL7GT matched pair, a 5U4 or 5Z3P (sonically determined before delivery) rectifier, unbalanced inputs and 2 year limited warranty for $2,500 USD.

We cannot ship these to Europe or RoHS compliant countries (lead based solder joints).

(Image © Karl Motz)

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