Classic Valve Design
Solaris Phono Preamplifier

The demand for full tube phono preamplifiers has led to our development of the Solaris.

The Solaris phono pre uses six matched section and matched transconductance 6922 tubes and passive RIAA equalization.

Totem-pole tube topology negates the need for a tube rectifier. DC heater supply uses Schottky rectifiers. Power-on delay as well as overload muting (factory set to trip if the output exceeds six volts P-P), should an input lead be carelessly pulled while the unit is powered, or in the case of a defective connector.

External PSU with 1 metre long umbilical for lowest induced noise possible.

Custom built only. Phono pre and 2 year limited warranty for $1,600 USD. Phono pre with additional Moving Coil input option SUT, $1,800 USD.

(Image © Karl Motz)

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