Classic Valve Design

Classic Valve Design
Classic Valve Design is a Canadian company focused on helping the average person get into the wonderful world of audio and maintaining the vintage sonic excellence of yesteryear.

How this is accomplished is simple - designs are straightforward using quality, readily available components from reputable sources. Over 35 years of experience plus our unique designs extract maximum performance from the chosen design and topology, rather than "magical woods and finishes".

We also specialize in repairs, upgrades and modifications of existing vintage beauties. McIntosh, Pioneer, Akai, Sansui, Marantz, Technics, Onkyo, Phase Linear, Accuphase and many more two channel (and quad) have been given many more years of life at our bench.

We have the unique experience repairing and modifying many brands of guitar amplifiers, including Peavey, Marshall, Fender, HiWatt, VOX, Laney, Yorkville, Traynor and countless store-brands. We understand the trained ear philosophy behind sound generation as well as sound reproduction. Something many HiFi service personnel cannot grasp.

We Proudly Use These Vendors:

Edcor Electronics Corporation - Made in the USA!
The Tube Store       Digikey Corporation

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