Classic Valve Design
This 26 based preamp was a one-off as the 26 tube is getting so rare and expensive, we just can't offer it as a production model. But if you wish to supply the 26's (known good), we'll build it!

Multi-mode operation allows the 26 to be operated with a choke load (those are One-Electron PRC-2 shown), or a high transconductance EF184/6EJ7 allows gyrator load (electronic choke) or a mu-follower output that could drive nails!

Our client also wanted the option of a coarse attenuator, as some of his amplifiers are very sensitive. This model allows for a maximum gain of 8 and a minimum of 1 via coarse attenuator.

DHT filaments are supplied by constant current (the heat sink on the back)

Custom built only. Model shown would use an Edcor power transformer, shielding of the 26 tubes and include a 2 year limited warranty for $1,200 USD.

We cannot ship these to Europe or RoHS compliant countries (lead based solder joints).

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