Classic Valve Design

Courtesy of our partner in sound, Classic Sound, our service location can now be found at 45895 Wellington Ave., Chilliwack, BC. Classic Sound is also our exclusive retail distributor for builds.
Current Repair Backlog:
8 Weeks
--Now in cutoff. No more service accepted at this time.

We are semi-retiring from PCB's. We just do not have the time to spare for this sideline. Store is taking 100% priority. Responses to emails will be sporadic. PCB Stocks are as follows:
Budgie PHONO - 2
Line Filter - 9
N-Channel CCS - 12
P-Channel CCS - 10
PAS LED Mod - 9
Perf Board - 4
CVD PAS Line - 5
MK-IV Driver w/Bias - 6
PAS PSU Board - 2
PC-3 Clone - 4
Heater Regulated PSU Board - 10
DynaMull - 3
DynaMutt Octal - 0
8B Driver for the ST-70 - 3
RCA Phono - * Temporarily Out of Stock *
ST-70 PSU - 0
Koren PAS Line - GONE!
Koren PAS Phono - GONE!
MOSeiden - 2
SCA35 PA - 5 pairs
SCA35 PSU - 6
SCA35 Phono - 4
ST35 - 2
Stock PAS Clone: Phono - 4
Stock PAS Clone: Line - 3
7c PAS Phono - Out of Stock!
7c PAS Line - 2

(not inclusive of guitar boards or PMillett boards)

February 19, 2019:
We will do a bulk inventory and offer PCB's as a lot. Individual PCB sales will cease March 31st.

December 22, 2018:
We are now closed for Christmas!

Will return to active duty January 2nd.

We got your emails.... all at once due to a glitch. Some are a month old. Apologies!

August 29, 2018:
Extended Leave:

Will return to active duty September 4th.

Rca Phono Docs Updated.

Thanks to a customer who caught a missing parts value, we've updated the documentation.

Christmas Break!

We're shutting shop from December 22nd 2017 until January 2nd, 2018. Have a SAFE and Happy Holidays!

Email response is very slow. Sorry, PCB's are an extremely secondary business for us. I'm on average checking maybe twice/week.

New rates are in full effect now.

As the last of the stocks from our PCB manufacturer trickle in, we are going to take a full inventory and redo our DIY/PCB page to reflect this. There will be quantities available shown (not real-time) and bulk purchases exceeding $1000 USD will receive a discount, TBD.

Due to a rise in the cost of business, estimates/service deposits will be $50 (for the first piece, $25 for each additional for multiple items brought in at once) as of May 1st.

Happy Spring! New arrival for the last of the manufacturers stock of DynaMutt Driver. These will not last, so get them while you can!

New arrival for the last of the manufacturers stock of DynaMull Driver and ST-70 PSU boards! These will not last, so get them while you can!

Extreme weather is being a pain. Our repair backlog is hitting six weeks and PCB shipments are delayed. Apologies!

Flu over, back at the grind. Powering through backlog. Thank you for your patience.

Winter is here!
Big snowstorm has hit my area of British Columbia. Everything is delayed.

Christmas break!
Our retail service department will be closed from Sunday, Dec. 25th, 2016 until Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017. Email will be checked *spottily* during that time and no shipments will be made, invoices sent or orders accepted during that time.

My PCB manufacturer has many boards on hand that I'm showing out of stock. Inquire! PayPal only direct to him and will be drop-shipped from his location.

We are getting out of the PCB business to focus on custom builds and repairs. PCB's will be sold off until gone.

Canada Post Job Action... AVERTED!
Has been averted.. for now.

Someone is spoofing our email address and got us blacklisted. If you contact us, please whitelist our email, or you will never see the reply. Thank you!

Pictures from the 2013 Fraser Valley Vintage Audio Fair held at Cultus Lake, BC.

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