Classic Valve Design

All orders and custom builds now require a 50% non-refundable deposit

· Classic Valve Design currently accepts Canada Post and USPS *PINK* money orders, PayPal and its various associated payment forms. Canadian and American customers may also pay with a certified cheque cashable in US dollars. Certified cheques may take time to clear, depending on issuing institution and may be delayed up to 21 business days. DO NOT MAIL CASH!!! for any reason under any circumstances. Even registered mail falls victim to mail theft!


· If paying via money order or certified cheque, please make it payable only to Gregg van der Sluys. Email us for our mailing address.

· Money orders and certified cheques should be received within 7 business days of your accepting the total. After 10 business days (two calendar weeks), items reserved are returned to stock and go back into "first come, first serve" availability. If your payment arrives later due to postal delays and we can fill your order, great! If not, you have a choice of: 1) Having payment returned, 2) Filling a partial order and refunding the difference or 3) Place your missing items on backorder (up to 30 days unless you authorize a longer term).

Warranty and Refunds

· Standard warranty on our assembled items (excluding assembled PCB's) is 2 years. The warranty follows the product and is transferrable.

· WE CANNOT ISSUE REFUNDS on custom builds once completed. We can offer limited mods and tweaks within 30 days of receipt.

· Deposits for custom builds are non-refundable after 10 calendar days of your receipt of the work order (in person or via distance contract) for us to assemble the unit. Please know what you want us to build for you before you leave a deposit and we order parts.

Note on Custom Builds

· We do NOT build items from schematics purchased or found on the web or in books unless it's specifically marked open-source - that is copyright violation and intellectual property theft. We are a business and the build will be for commercial use [we would build it to sell to you for labour and parts]. Another major reason we do not do this is because the item is not of our research and development design, we can't guarantee performance or reliability.


· Shipping is via Canada Post. Where value needs declaring, the full value is used. We do not fudge values and requesting us to do so is grounds for us to refund your purchase and refuse sales/service to you.

· You will receive an estimated time to ship for custom builds. Lead time can be up to 100 days during busy times for our custom transformer supplier.

· We make the odd exception for low valued items that can be shipped via lettermail within Canada or Small Packet Airmail to the USA. THESE ARE EXEMPT FROM ANY WARRANTY OR INSURANCE. Certain large or heavy items may only be sent internationally by courier and can cost several times more than the actual purchase price depending on your country.

· In January 2013, Canada Post DISCONTINUED most of our shipping options and hiked the price for insured shipping tremendously (insured mail to the USA for example WAS: $7.61 base NOW: $16.10 base) and insurance is no longer available for most overseas countried for letter-sized (PCB's and parts) packages.

· Shipping quotes are estimated with Canada Post's online calculator.

· You pay Canada Post exact + what we pay for packing. We do not pad our shipping for profit!

· Due to RoHS and electrical certification differences, our finished amps and preamps can't be shipped to any EU country. Parts, OK.

· Note that shipping damage is NOT covered under Canada Post insurance or our warranty!

· Countries we can't ship to at all can be found here:

· Due to high postal losses, countries THAT MUST USE COURIER (expensive!):
      · Italy
      · Cuba
      · Mexico
      · Anywhere in Central America
      · Anywhere in South America
      · Former SSR territories
      · Macao

· Countries that can take up to 60 days to receive even airmail:
      · Australia
      · New Zealand
      · India

· Local pickup is OK. You will be contacted when your order is ready for pickup.

« Customers are liable for any duties/brokerage/taxes involved with international sales! »

« Purchases exceeding $2,000 CAD to destinations other than Canada, require extra export declaration paperwork and can add delays (length of time depends on the government red-tape). »

« Due to US Homeland Security requirements, Canada Post/courier companies require that shipments to the USA heavier than 60Lbs require we have your daytime telephone number and some approved method of identifying you. »

· These terms are subject to change and further terms related to particular items will be on the product's page. Please check for updates.
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