Classic Valve Design

Some Custom Builds We Have Done

** Prices of our Builds are in United States Dollars **

Builds Available Exclusively Through Our Distributor:
Classic Sound - Custom Turntables and Plinths

Power Amplifiers:

· Dynaco Page - You find 'em, we rebuild 'em.

· Procyon - 300B SET amplifier.

· Mach2-A3 - A 2A3 based amplifier that's made for rolling tubes.

· 845 S.E.T. - The largest single ended triode power amplifier we have made so far.

· Amê - A personal amplifier.


· Corvus all-tube-signal-path phono preamplifier.

· Libra MK-II preamplifier (page coming)

· Solaris all-tube phono preamplifier.

· Borealis series preamplifiers.

· Claritas - a 26 DHT based stereo linestage.

· "PB" - a 6SN7 based stereo linestage.

· Ethereal - a buffer linestage.

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