Classic Valve Design
Custom amplifier and preamp designs are what we specialize in. We have proven time again at audio festivals that there is more to great audio than meteor shattering levels of power that modern home theatre amplifiers can deliver.

An audio system is like a well fitting suit, you shine best when the pieces match or have been tailored to your needs.

We also do repairs, upgrades and modifications of most existing Hi-Fi equipment. Custom gear from other boutique manufacturers like Yanqin and modern staples such as Antique Sound labs, Opera and Rogue. Vintage amplifiers like Dynaco, McIntosh, Marantz, Sansui, Pioneer, Acoustat and many more!

We also have experience re-tubing, repairing and modifying many brands of guitar amplifiers, including Traynor, Fender, Peavey, Marshall and countless store-brands.

Don't hesitate to contact us for an honest assessment and estimate regarding a custom build or modification. Tube audio is more affordable than you may think!

Our Labour/Consult Rates

(these prices are in CAD unless otherwise noted)

Estimates: $60 for the first piece, $30 for each additional piece on the same visit. Credited towards labour if you have the repair done at a later date (within 30 days). Commercial gear only.

DIY Equipment Estimates: $50/Hr. for diagnostics. Standard labour and parts rates apply to make the device work.

Consultation Fee: $50/hr. for design services. $10 per email for "Above and Beyond" normal customer support of non-CVD designs/boards. Consultation rates in USD for all customers.

Standard Shop Labour Rate: $85/hr. + parts. $60 minimum labour charge.

Specialized Service Shop Labour Rate: $100/hr. + parts. Things like TUBE equipment, custom work, some professional gear, modifications, repairing DIY gear and kit assembly.
(NOTE: We will assemble a commercial kit for you for a flat rate ($200 to $400 + missing parts (they all have), depending on complexity), but we do NOT build items from schematics purchased or found on the web or in books unless it's specifically marked open-source - that is copyright violation and intellectual property theft. We are a business and the build will be for commercial use [we would build it to sell to you for labour and parts])

Tube Testing Service: $30 for up to 10 tubes. $2.50 per tube additional over 10 tubes.

Bias/Balance Tube Power Amplifiers: $60 flat rate.

Tube Amplifier Checkup: $100. Includes tube testing, re-bias if applicable, inspection and measurement of health of critical components. Written report included with any applicable recommendations.

Cabinetry/Chassis Plates: Contact Us and tell us your needs!

TV's, Monitors, Computers, CD Players, Digital Gear, Tape Decks, DVD/BluRay: We Do Not Service, sorry.

Low End Consumer Gear (typically bought at a big-box store): We Do Not Service, sorry.

* Unusual Repairs or Mods May Be Considered Specialized Work. Contact for Confirmation *

** Repairs are covered by a 60-day replaced parts and labour warranty **

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